Tandem Fishing Kayaks for Family Fishing Trips

by | Feb 7, 2023 | Reviews

Tandem Fishing Kayaks for Family Fishing Trips

Tandem fishing kayaks are definitely not the most efficient way to paddle and they require patience, coordination, and a focus on teamwork. That being said, they’re also a lot of fun to use and they’re a great way to bond with family and friends. These models are obviously going to be a little pricier than the basic single seat models, but they do have quite a bit to offer in terms of functionality, convenience, storage, and more.

So, what are the other benefits of using a tandem kayak? Anglers who enjoy fishing together can take turns rowing and fishing. A tandem is also much larger, so you’ll be able to store more gear, and they’re more accommodating to larger anglers, featuring a higher max weight limit and larger seats. Plus, if you decide to go on a fishing trip alone, you can always use the extra seat to store more gear.

Another great aspect of owning a tandem is that you don’t have to be a total master to use one. This fishing kayak has a broad base which means that they’re easy to maneuver and incredibly stable. A beginner can easily hop right in and get paddling, no experience necessary.

Advantages of the Fishing Kayak for Two

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First off, using this type of kayak is an affordable way to spend all the time you want out on the water, without buying or renting a traditional motorized boat.

Fishing kayaks are also much better for the environment since they’re propelled by a paddle or a small electric motor.

They also make fishing more challenging, since you have to physically work hard to get to your destination.

The kayak’s slim, lightweight design also gives you access to fishing hot spots that you simply can’t reach in a large traditional fishing boat.

So, what are the disadvantages to this type of fishing boat?

The initial cost of a fishing kayak, accessories, and other gear can be a little steep, but ultimately, it’s a much more affordable solution compared to a gas powered, large fishing boat. Plus, over time, you’ll actually end up saving money that’s otherwise spent on gas or boat rentals.

Most models of tandem angler kayaks come in the sit-on style. If you’re looking for a kayak specifically to take fishing, make sure you buy a fishing kayak and not a recreational one.

Here’s what to look for in a tandem kayak for fishing:

Stability and good tracking: Ideally, you’ll want a tandem model that can easily glide through the water, even if just one person is paddling. However, with a fishing kayak, you may have to compromise on tracking, as they tend to be wider in order to improve stability. Stability should be the main factor, especially if you want the ability to stand while casting.

Seating comfort: If you plan on spending several hours parked in your kayak, make sure the seats offer proper hip and lower back support.

Storage: A fishing trip often requires anglers to take a lot of gear, so make sure the tandem you’re interested in offers enough room for food, drinks, tackle boxes, and other fishing gear.

Rod holders: Having a couple of rod holders can allow users to comfortably fish with a buddy, or even set up two rods at the same time. Keep an eye out for a mixture of adjustable mounted and flush mounts so you’ll be able to get your angle just right.

Footrests: Having two or three different footrests can allow you to get the type of leverage you need and really dig in for bigger catches.

Attachments: If you plan on using a fish finder, check and see if the kayak comes equipped with built-in scupper holes, which will allow a transducer to easily pass.

Motor Mounting Options: If you’re looking for some extra power, keep an eye out for kayaks with rectangular rear ends that will allow you to mount an electric motor.

Malibu Kayaks Pro Two Tandem Fishing Kayak is Our Top Pick

Malibu Kayaks Pro Two Tandem Fishing Kayak

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Now that you know more in regards to what to look for in the best fishing kayak for two, you might want to take a closer look at the Malibu Kayak’s pro two tandem kayak. This is a model that received plenty of positive feedback from anglers who purchased this kayak. This model is described as swift and versatile and it can be used on the open ocean, or in rivers and lakes. It’s also multifunctional and well adapted for kayak fishing, general paddling, and even kayak diving. It can also be easily paddled with just one person, or it can be comfortably used by two anglers. Weighing in at sixty-two pounds, it can be easily transported and stored. The kayak features a max weight capacity of over five hundred pounds and offers enough buoyancy to store dive tanks if you decide to use it for diving.

Some of the other features we loved about this model include the large storage hatch, the variety of foot rests, the eight-inch rear and front bucket hatches, the option of installing a motor, and the six flush rod holders.  It also offers an open storage located at the rear and the front, complete with bungee cords so you can ensure your gear is stored securely. For divers, the front compartment is designed to hold a couple of dive tanks.

Like with most products, this kayak does have a couple of drawbacks. To begin with, the seats are molded into the kayak and are somewhat shallow, which can make the kayak uncomfortable to use for longer trips. However, you can purchase padded seats that can be attached to the molded seats, which will work well to improve overall comfort. The other drawback is the price, which may seem steep to some buyers.

However, this is a tandem fishing kayak that comes with all of the essentials and it features a solid construction that guarantees you’ll enjoy diving and fishing with this kayak for several years to come.


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